Bibliography “Italia in cirillico”

The bibliography “Italia in cirillico” includes the full list of all editions of Italian authors printed in Russian language from 1913 until 2013.

This edition, one of a kind, is to become an essential directory for those who are keen on Italian language, history and culture. The bibliography is edited by Stefania Pavan, Professor of Russian literature at the University of Florence, who managed not only to list more than three thousand publications in one book, but also to classify them. The book includes publications of various genres from natural sciences to linguistics, classics, philosophy and drama.

The bibliography comprises 800 pages both in Italian and Russian. The book’s print run of 1,000 copies is to be distributed in the Russian and Italian libraries and universities with in-depth study of Italian and Russian languages.

The bibliography is released by the nonprofit organization “Conoscere Eurasia” with the support of Banca Intesa.

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