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The exhibition (open until 10th March 2019) is part of a series of events planned up to 2020 under the collaborative partnership between the bank and the famous museum, and further consolidates the relationship between Intesa Sanpaolo and Russia.

Milan, 6th December 2018 – The large exhibition dedicated to Piero della Francesca, from 6th December 2018 to 10th March 2019 at the State Hermitage Museum, represents one of the first events in the three-year partnership between Intesa Sanpaolo and the famous Russian museum for the promotion, knowledge and spread of our country’s art and artistic talent among a wide international audience.

Cultural collaboration between Italy and Russia has deep roots and this initiative with the Hermitage museum allows further consolidation of these partnerships. The exhibition being launched today represents a grand homage to Italian art and the Renaissance, and at the same time is one of the fundamental pins in the three-year agreement that will allow the two institutions to stage unique exhibition projects with works on loan and the chance to study each other’s collections.  I am convinced that this partnership will be an invaluable opportunity for the two countries to promote their cultural heritage and masterpieces, making them even more closely-knit” states Antonio Fallico, president of Banca Intesa Russia.

Many collaborative events have already been organized by the two institutions: in addition to this exhibition on the great Renaissance artist, three artworks from the Russian museum (two paintings by Friedrich and a marble sculpture by Tenerani) are currently on display in the Romanticism exhibition at the Gallerie d’Italia (Piazza Scala in Milan, until 17th March 2019) while Juan Bautista Maíno’s masterpiece Adoration of the shepherds will be the star attraction at the Intesa Sanpaolo skyscraper building in Turin from 21st December 2018 to 6th January 2019. 

This partnership joins another important collaborative agreement with another leading Russian cultural organization, the Pushkin Museum of Moscow, which (after having hosted works from the Intesa Sanpaolo Venetian eighteenth century collection) recently loaned some of its masterpieces by Venetian masters in an exceptional return visit to Italy. The Pushkin Museum paintings can be admired in Vicenza at Palazzo Chiericati Civic Museum, and at the Gallerie d’Italia (Palazzo Leoni Montanari, museum of Intesa Sanpaolo) until 10th March as part of the exhibition “Il Trionfo del Colore. Da Tiepolo a Canaletto e Guardi. Vicenza e i Capolavori dal Museo Pushkin di Mosca”. (“The Triumph of Colour. From Tiepolo to Canaletto and Guardi. Vicenza and the masterpieces of Moscow’s Pushkin Museum”)

Finally, one of the jewels in the crown of Intesa Sanpaolo’s historic-artistic assets lies in the Russian icons collection, one of the largest in the West, kept in the Vicenza branch of the Gallerie d’Italia – Palazzo Leoni Montanari since 1999. This collection has been promoted over the years with temporary exhibitions, conventions and in-depth analysis to develop the knowledge of cultural values of Russian and orthodox communities.

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