Deposit Classic

Deposit Classic
Maximum yield up to 5.3% in RUB

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Personal Loans

Personal Loans

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The flexible mortgage lending terms offered by Banca Intesa will provide you with freedom of choice and freedom of action.
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Credit cards
The Banca Intesa credit cards provide you with instant access to the Bank’s credit resources, when you need them and all with advantageous and understandable terms.
Current Accounts
A current account is a bank account used to make transactions and keep monetary funds. Funds can be easily withdrawn from or deposited into the account.
Personal loans
Consumer credit is a simple and convenient way to get the necessary financial support to implement your plans.
Fund Transfers
Individual safety deposit box
An individual safety deposit box is one of the most reliable methods of keeping your personal valuables.
27 September 2021 year
Intesa Sanpaolo is the first Bank in Europe by Diversity and Inclusion according to the Refinitiv Index
27 September 2021, Turin, Milan, Moscow. Intesa Sanpaolo is the number-one bank in Europe, sixth bank in the world and the only Italian bank…
24 September 2021 year
Italian-Russian business seminar takes place in Bolzano
September 24, 2021, Bolzano, Moscow. The VI Italian-Russian business seminar “The Strategic role of Italy and Russia in the development of…
23 September 2021 year
Italia-Russia business seminars reopen in Trieste after pandemic pause
September 23, 2021, Trieste, Moscow. The III Italian-Russian business Seminar for representatives of the local business community was held…
Currency Rates
Currency Rates
Purchase Sale
USD 68,50 72,50
EUR 80,00 84,00
Currency Rates
Purchase Sale
USD 68,00 72,00
EUR 78,88 83,52
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