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To repay a loan, you should go to the Bank office and present your passport and the plastic card. It is also advisable that you have a document with the account number on it (the loan agreement or the payment schedule). A payment towards the repayment of a loan may also be done by your representative on your behalf. To do that, they must have their passport and also state your surname, name and patronymic, and the 20-digit account number specified in your payments schedule.

Where are loan payments to be made?

You can make a loan payment:

  1. at our offices
  2. by wire transfer from other bank
  3. using the Visa Money Transfer service through QIWI payment terminals (for repayment under a credit card)
  4. on a monthly basis without visiting the Bank
  5. through the Svyaznoy stores network

Full and partial early repayment

You do have the opportunity of making an early repayment of the credit, but not earlier than 6 months from the time of getting the credit. The minimum amount of payment towards full or partial early repayment of a credit is RUB 10,000 (depending on the currency in which you have got the credit).


  • To repay (whether it be a scheduled repayment or full or partial early repayment), ensure that you enter the amount of the payment to the account not later than the date of the respective scheduled payment specified in the payment schedule. To avoid a delay in the payment and a fine, we recommend that payments should be effected in advance!
  • When effecting a scheduled payment, draw the attention of the Bank’s employee to the fact that payment is effected exactly towards repayment of the loan.
  • If you enter the amount of the payment to the account by way of a wire transfer or a mail transfer, the time required for entering the funds to your account is longer. Be attentive of this and make the payment in advance (with due account for the time required for the funds to enter your account).
  • Partial or full early repayment of the loan may be effected strictly on the date of a monthly payment, specified in your payment schedule.
  • In case of partial early repayment the quantity of monthly payments is reduced. The amount of a monthly payment shall remain unchanged.
  • To effect partial or full early repayment, you are to deposit monetary funds to the account the number of which is specified on the payment schedule. We should draw your attention to the fact that money is to be entered to the account from where the repayment of the loan is done rather than to the account of the card issued to you (the special card account). 
  • If you plan to make an early repayment, make certain that the amount of the remaining debt (after charging off the monthly payment on the date of effecting early repayment) is at least RUB 10,000. If the amount of the remaining debt is less than RUB 10,000, partial or full early repayment is impossible.    
  • Be careful when depositing any amount to the account exceeding the amount of the required monthly payment! If at the time of the charging of the monthly payment the balance on the account exceeds RUB 10,000, it is charged off in full on a lump-sum basis towards partial or full early repayment of the loan. If you do not plan early repayment and are willing to deposit the amount towards future monthly payments, please refer to the Bank’s employee for advice.
  • If the day of making the monthly payment is postponed to any other date different from that specified in the payment schedule (provided that a moratorium on early repayment has expired), early repayment of the loan will not take place in that month. Be careful if the date of your monthly payment falls on a public holiday or a day-off. Please refer to a Bank employee for advice.

Punctuality in repayment of a loan forms your positive credit history and simplifies the procedure for getting loans in the future. Thank you for your timely repayment of your loan!

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