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Intesa Super underlines your status and exquisite style

Banca Intesa is now introducing its customers a new Intesa Super offer. We have elaborated it for those who value high their social status and want to receive the best that may be offered by a bank in the modern world. Intesa Super will underline your status and will be a guarantee of special treatment.

Intesa Super is the ideal combination of the Bank’s various services and offers that make your life simpler and more dynamic, more comfortable and more rewarding.

The Intesa Super offer includes the following:

A current account

You may open several current accounts at one time in rubles, US dollars and Euros. Accounts are opened and maintained free of charge.

A VISA Gold bank card

Visa Gold is a card of the premium class which underlines its holder’s wealth and special privileged status. A Visa Gold card provides you not only with an excellent opportunity to pay for any goods and services but also with a number of important privileges making your life simpler and brighter, from services for travelers, including medical and legal assistance, to irreproachable customer support in the event of the loss or theft of your card. Due to a free-of-charge Concierge-Service you can promptly receive all necessary information on transport, hotels, restaurants, car rent and holiday places on a 24/365 basis, with the possibility of ordering services in any country in the world.

24-hour Concierge-Service

A professional assistant is at your disposal on a 24/365 basis. You can promptly receive all necessary information, call a taxi, a hotel room or a table at a restaurant and many other services in Russia and abroad.

SMS notification

We understand how the extent of operational control over your finance is important to you. Therefore, we have thoughtfully included in the offer a free-of-charge SMS notification service. Thus, you will promptly receive information on all the operations made with your cards.

Insurance programs for card holders

When using your card, you may be certain of the security of your funds. The Card protection insurance program will reliably protect you from unauthorized use of your card and will transfer all the risks to the insurance company.

Internet banking

Complete access to the my.bancaintesa electronic bank will enable you not only control your accounts in real time mode but also to make transfers and payments for services and to receive account statements.

The security of working with the electronic bank and safety of your data are ensured by a reliable security system with the help of an eToken electronic key, and a one-time password generator.

Additional cards for your close ones

Make the life of your nearest and dearest more comfortable and more secure by opening additional cards for them. You can establish on your own personal expenditure the limits and control all the operations on such cards.

Create your own Intesa Super offer!

Service Fee
Annual servicing of a basic Visa Gold card RUB 2,900
Annual servicing of an additional card  
Visa Gold RUB 2,400
Visa Classic RUB 450
Visa Electron RUB 100
SMS notification Free of charge
Card Protection insurance program with the liability limit equal to RUB 150,000 RUB 1,600 per year
в год
Provision of an eToken electronic key for work with the my.bancaintesa electronic bank RUB 700
Servicing in the my.bancaintesa electronic bank Free of charge

Special offers for payroll customers

Special rates will be applied to your Visa Gold card if you are an employee of a Company serviced by our Bank within a payroll project.

Special credit terms are also offered to corporate and payroll customers.

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